The Clicker List

Click-L, or the Clicker List, is an online newsgroup devoted to the exploration of behavior modification techniques as they relate to training. Subscribers to the list come from many different backgrounds and professions. However, all of us are perusing, at some level, further understanding of the psychology, ethological, and biological principles underlying learning, motivation, cognition, and behavior. If you are connected to the Internet and would like to be added to this list visit: . Be prepared to receive lots of E-Mail.

J&J Dog Supplies: Training supplies and equipment. Obedience, agility, flyball and more.
Dogwise: Dog related books, videos and supplies. (Direct Book Service)
Don't Shoot the Dog: Karen Pryor's Sunshine Books site. Clicker Training books, videos and tips
The Well Mannered Dog: Start to finish Clicker training.
The Clicker List: Join this E-mail discussion list and you will be able to get help, help others, or simply brag about your success.
(Lots of E-mail volume!) 
Lost and Found Pets USA: Post an ad for a lost or found pet for free
Alex's Clicker Horse Page: "Get a Horse!" (and clicker train it)
Click and Treat: Gary Wilkes Click and Treat Training home page. Clicker training articles and supplies.
Dog Owners Guide: Online magazine for pet and showdog owners. Breed info, training tips, health info, choosing a breeder and lots more.
Pet Behavior Resources: How dogs think, case of the month, newsletter, monthly behavior quiz plus more
American Dog Trainers Network: More dog info and resources than you can throw a stick at
Agility of Course: Agility equipment at reasonable prices
Allstar Belgians. Shameless plug for a great breeder of Tervurens (We got our Brin from him)
Animal Aid Clinic South: Veterinary Clinic in Elkhart, In. Check out the reference library for basic care, behavior, and more
Maplecrest Animal Hospital: Veterinary Clinic in Goshen, In.
  American Association of Poison Control Centers. Find the your nearest animal poison control center and more.
National Animal Poison Control Center
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